Is it Legal to Scrape Google Search Results? How can you do it legally

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Google disallows automated entry of their TOS, so should you settle for their phrases you'd break them.

That stated, I do know of no lawsuit from Google towards a scrapers. Even Microsoft scraped Google Outcomes, they powered their search engine Bing with it. They obtained caught in 2011 pink handed.

There are 3 ways to scrape Google outcomes:

1) Use their API

  • You'll be able to problem round 40 requests entry per hour You're restricted to what they provide you, it’s not likely helpful if you wish to monitor rating place or what an actual customers would see. That’s one thing you aren't allowed to collect the info.
  • If you need a better quantities of API requests you want to pay.
  • 60 requests per hours value 2000 USD per yr, extra question require a customized deal.

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2) Scrape the traditional end result pages

  • Right here comes the tough elements. It's attainable to scrape the traditional end result web page. Google doesn't permit it.
  • In the event you scrape at a fee larger than eight key phrase requests per hour you danger detections, greater than 10/h (up to date from 20) will get you blocked from my experiences.
  • Through the use of a number of IPs you'll be able to up the speed, so with 100 IP addresses you possibly can scrape knowledge as much as 1000 requests per hour. (24okay a day)
  • There's an open supply search engine scrapers written in PHP at It permits to dependable scrape Google, parses the outcomes correctly and manages IP addresses, delays, and so forth. So if you should use PHP it’s a pleasant kickstart, in any other case the codes will nonetheless be helpful to find out how it's finished.

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3) Alternatively use a scraping providers

  • I used the service at http://scraping.providers as an alternative. Additionally they present open supply code and up to now it’s operating properly (a number of thousand resultpages per hour through the refreshes)
  • The draw back is that such a providers signifies that your answer is “sure” to at least one skilled suppliers, the upside is that it was quite a bit cheaper than the opposite choices I evaluated (and quicker in our case)
  • One choice to scale back the dependency on one firm is to make two approaches on the similar occasions. Utilizing the scraping service as main supply of knowledge and falling again to a proxy based mostly options like described.